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Jig Grinding

Matrix offers precision jig grinding to it's customers. Jig grinding is a machine tool used for grinding complex shapes and holes where the highest degrees of accuracy and finish are required. Each and every day we produce the finest quality jig grinding products for our customers. Jig Grinding has become a vital aspect in the tooling industry and we've stepped to the plate by adding additional machining stations on our production floor. Our jig grinding customers demand top quality and fast turns. We welcome all challenges that our clients ask us to meet!

Projects run on our line up of Moore Jig Grinders. Moore manufactures the finest jig grinders on the planet. Combining Moore tools with our expertise and experience means your project is a success!

Moore Jig Grinders

The Moore Tool Company, a leader in precision machine tool design and manufacture, produces a complete line of jig grinding machines and accessories.

  • A four-axis CNC-controlled machine with Continuous Path (CP) capability for contouring grinding operations such as holes, pockets, and complex two-dimensional shapes and cam surfaces.
  • Moore G 18- 11 x 24 table, X Axis is 18", Y Axis is 11", 40,000 RPM head
  • Continuous path grinding
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